Download  installation file

Where and how to retrive the ThinMan installation and upgrade file.

The executable file needed both for a  Single or Primary Server  installation from scratch and for an  Single or Primary Server update, is the same.

For this reason in the following page we will refer generically to this file as   installer.

You can download the Praim  installer file from your MyPraim area after you logged in.

Actually the  Secondary Server Installer file is not  available for download in MyPraim area: to obtain it please contact Praim Technical Support Service.

In order to retrive the latest version of Praim  software, simply type "ThinMan" in the upper search bar .

In the Download section you will find the link to the installation file. Click on it to proceed.

The download detail windows opens. Here you see the size of the file to download and can access the related Release Notes trough the specific link.

After reading carefully the notes, in order to proceed check the box in the lover left corner.

Click on the "Download" button in order to confirm the download starting.

The file named "" is going to be downloaded.