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ThinMan Release Notes for 7.8.16 Rel.

Whether an issue is related only to a specific Praim ThinMan management software license level, this will be explicitly stated; otherwise issues connote all license level.

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News and Improvements

TypePraim IDValid fromDescription
ImprovementTM-25617.8.16Added support for new LG All-In-One Praim model D9119 and D9154

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TypePraim IDValid fromDescription
FixTM-25707.8.16Enforced checks on version scope for Service Pack update packages.
FixTM-25697.8.16Fixed problem in Agile template update.
FixTM-25687.8.16Allowed schedule activity execution even in case of Admin password empty.

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Know Issues

Praim IDDescription
TM-2501In the ThinMan License manager, during the ".lic" license file import, the license list preview is incorrect: the edition name shown in the license table header is not updated as even don't appear in the licenses list 2 rows about "ThinMan subscription" and "Managed ThinClient License", although present.
Workaround: complete anyway the import procedure, then access again the ThinMan Licence Manager. Now the license list will be displayed right.
TM-2186Template Repository: in some cases the displayed version of a template is not correct.

Praim ThinMan Management Software Licence Model

You can find more details on Praim ThinMan management software licence model on the page, under "EDITION" section located in the bottom of the page.