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WES 7 ver. 3.1.0

Supported Models

Supported Models are:

  • C9700 (see note below)
  • A9700 (see note below)
  • U9700 (see note below)
  • A9074 (see note below)
  • U9074 (see note below)
  • D9074 (see note below)

See the note below for installation limits of this Firmware and Service Pack.

Important Note

Disk Space Limitation

Dear Customer,

Remember that from version 2.2.0 (see Release Notes WES 7 ver. 2.2.0 ) the firmware is available and can be used only on thin client with at least 8GB of DoM (Disk on Module) and with at least 2GB of free disk space on it.

The attempt to upgrade a device that does not meet the above conditions will produce a simple reboot of the device.

Release Notes

Issue IDTypeFromDescription
TCSETTE-365Improvement3.1.0Ability to enable/disable the auto-start capability for the Citrix Receiver (at least version 4.4) (yes SP/HF).
TCSETTE-363Improvement3.1.0New Desktop Wallpaper (yes SP/HP). If using the SP/HF the new wallpaper will be available on newly created users.
TCSETTE-361News3.1.0Support for Energy Star 6.0 specifications (it allows to suspend/resume the thin client) (yes SP/HF).
TCSETTE-354News3.1.0Supported model N9072 for the N Series thin client.
TCSETTE-339Fix3.1.0If the device has the local network card disabled and a WiFi card connected then the device asks for the Praim's license.
TCSETTE-333News3.1.0VMware Horizon View Client is upgraded to version (no HF/SP).
TCSETTE-332News3.1.0Citrix Receiver is upgraded to version (no HF/SP).
TCSETTE-331Improvement3.1.0A9074, U9074, D9074, N9072: Driver Video is upgraded to version (Yes SP/HF).

Known Issues

Issue IDTypeDescription
TCSETTE-460FixAdding a Browser Connection with space character in the name produce an error when the configuration is saved.
TCSETTE-422FixError disabling "Agile Mode" on devices with Spanish language.
TCSETTE-419FixA9700/U9700: front audio jack is not working correctly.
TCSETTE-372FixRAM memory full when many prints are executed on the local device with UWF filter enabled.
Workaround: use FBWF Write Filter and add the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool to the write filter exceptions.
TCSETTE-360FixU9074: using the USB3 port in the back (near the COM port) with a mouse or keyboard the driver will not load and the attached device will not work.This problem can be solved upgrading the Citrix Receiver to version 4.4.1000 (see Citrix Release Notes ) or removing the Citrix Receiver (if not needed). (NO SP/HF)
TCSETTE-344AlertIn case you are restoring a Windows Embedded image using the Praim Toolkit you have to detach any USB device attached to USB 3.0 ports (e.g USB hub, mouse, mass storage key, etc.). Leave only the mouse and the keyboard attached on USB 2 ports until the process has completely finished. The problem resides in the sysprep phase of the Windows restoring. The problem colud be resolved using an image with the Citrix Receiver 4.4.1000 or without the Citrix Receiver.
TCSETTE-299AlertHTML5 videos are not supported using Internet Explorer 11 (e.g. YouTube videos).
Workaround: install and use Flash Player to render videos.
TCSETTE-248FixFBWF Filter: using the FBWF filter do not allow to install Praim Language Service Pack to change the language user interface.
Work Around: before the installation of a Praim Language Service Pack disable the FBWF filter.
TCSETTE-199FixConnection Manager: using the same name for different types of connections will not correctly show them on the desktop.
TCSETTE-190FixIn a cloned device the background for a local user is not visualized correctly.
Workaround: use regedit tool, open the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background and set the value of OEMBackground of type DWORD32 to (1).
TCSETTE-127FixThe wallpaper is always showed in the Remote Assistance window even if it is disabled in the Praim Manager.

Known Issues Agile

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