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WES 7 ver. 2.1.9

Supported Models

Supported Models are:

  • C9700
  • A9700
  • U9700
  • A9074
  • U9074
  • D9074
  • WE9700-A

Release Notes

Issue IDTypeFromDescription
TCSETTE-271Fix2.1.9Praim Manager is not working when launched from non administrator user with disabled UAC.
TCSETTE-269Improvement2.1.9VMware Horizon View Client: integrated client version 3.1.0 build-2085634.
TCSETTE-259Fix2.1.9Disabling or removing the predefined "Admin" user does not guarantee recovery or cloning operation.
TCSETTE-150Improvement2.1.9Praim Manager: the Praim Manager is accessible in the System and Security category of the Control Panel.

Known Issues

Issue IDTypeDescription
TCSETTE-437AlertRestore or Backup Cloning Image: if the master device is joined to a domain the Restored Image on target devices is not working properly.
Workaround: prior to execute a Backup Image for Cloning the master device has NOT to be joined to a domain.
TCSETTE-307AlertA9074, U9074, D9074: the Praim USB Redirection is not working correctly. From the version 2.2.0 it will be removed and it will be not available for the mentioned models.
TCSETTE-306FixA9074: in some cases after a recovery to factory default or after a cloning process using another device, the video driver does not correctly recognize the video card. (Yes SP).
TCSETTE-248FixFBWF Filter: using the FBWF filter do not allow to install Praim Language Service Pack to change the language user interface.
Work Around: before the installation of a Praim Language Service Pack disable the FBWF filter.
TCSETTE-190FixIn a cloned device the background for a local user is not visualized correctly.
Workaround: use regedit tool, open the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background and set the value of OEMBackground of type DWORD32 to (1).
TCSETTE-127FixThe wallpaper is always showed in the Remote Assistance window even if it is disabled in the Praim Manager.