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WES 7 ver. 2.1.7

Supported Models

Supported Models are:

  • WE9700-I
  • WE9700-C
  • WE9700-U
  • WE9700-A
  • C9700
  • A9700
  • U9700

Release Notes

Issue IDTypeFromDescription
TCSETTE-253News2.1.7Citrix Receiver is upgraded to version (no HF/SP).
TCSETTE-252News2.1.7VMware Horizon View Client is upgraded to version 2.3.0-1551379 (no HF/SP).
TCSETTE-242Fix2.1.7RemoteApp are not fully supported. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-238News2.1.7Added support for RDP protocol 8.1. Installed Windows6.1-KB2574819-v2-x86.msu, Windows6.1-KB2857650-x86.msu, Windows6.1-KB2830477-x86.msu, Windows6.1-KB2913751-x86.msu patch for Microsoft RDP Client 8.1. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-235Fix2.1.7Connection name with a dot in the string are not correctly managed. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-232Fix2.1.5When the device is refreshed and ThinMan is contacted using the hostname the device will remain in "HTTP Unlinked" state. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-225Fix2.1.5Cloning a device will clone the serial number. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-224Fix2.1.4Sometimes (using Hamachi VPN Client) the IP Address notified to ThinMan Server is not correct). (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-215Fix2.1.3Using Remote Assistance from ThinMan on a thin client with double monitor configured will display the first monitor only by default (from the Remote Assistance Window is possible to show the second monitor using the appropriate button on the Remote Assistance toolbar in ThinMan Server). (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-211Fix2.1.3In some situations the thin client does not communicate correctly with the ThinMan Server. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-207Improvement2.1.2FBWF Cache Threshold is set to 512 MB. (No HF/SP).
TCSETTE-206News2.1.2VMware View Client is upgraded to version 5.3.0-1042023 (no HF/SP).
TCSETTE-194Improvement2.1.7Device information (Hostname, Domain, Mac Address, IP Address) are now displayed as part of the wallpaper in the lower right corner. (No HF/SP).
TCSETTE-189Improvement2.1.7New driver for network adapter (version 7.75). (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-178News2.1.0New Connection Manager that allows to manage Vmware Horizon View, Microsoft RDP and Citrix connections. The connections can then be used to create devices profile on the ThinMan Server that push configurations on other WES7 thin clients (Zero Config). (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-176Improvement2.1.0Drive letter of hide partition can now be changed as long as you modify the appropriated entry in the register. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-174Improvement2.1.3Support for Wacom STU-520 signature tablet. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-157Improvement2.0.0Added Microsoft KB2645895 that patch FBWF write filter. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-138Fix2.1.3Touch Screen ELO ET2243L is not working correctly.
The solution is to use driver version 5.4.7.
Please note that multi-touch capabilities are not supported by Windows Embedded Standard 7.
TCSETTE-137Improvement1.3.0Added support for German language. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-136Improvement2.0.0Praim Service Pack and Hotfix will be released with the new syntax PraimSPWES7*.* and PraimHFWES7*.*.
TCSETTE-134Improvement1.5.0Added Microsoft patches:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-129Fix1.5.0Installing Third Party Software does not install software if FBWF filter is used. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-126Fix1.4.0After some days that a thin client is added to a domain the trust relationship between thin client and primary domain fails. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-121Improvement2.1.3Added communication to ThinMan for monitors model and their serials number. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-120Improvement1.3.0New Praim wallpaper and new Praim screensaver are installed. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-117News1.3.0VMware View Client is upgraded to version 5.2.1-937772. (No HF/SP).
TCSETTE-116News1.3.0Citrix Receiver Enterprise is upgraded to version (No HF/SP).
TCSETTE-113News1.3.0RDP Client is upgraded to version 6.2.9200 with support to Remote Protocol 8.0 (installed microsoft pack:, (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-112Improvement1.3.0Added support for Praim Keyboard with integrated smart card reader. (Yes HF/SP).
TCSETTE-96Fix1.3.0Digital camera models Nikon DSC Coolpix L120-PTP and S5100-PTP are not correctly recognized. (Yes HF/SP).