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Supported models for ThinOx/ThinOX4PC 10.4.2 release:

Praim Thin Client models: E9154, H9154, N9152, A9054, D9054, N9052, U9054.

ZERO Client models for Citrix VDI environmentE91-HDX, N91-HDX, A90-HDX, D90-HDX, N90-HDX, U90-HDX.

ZERO Client models for WMware VDI environmentE91-HOR, N91-HOR, A90-HOR, D90-HOR, N90-HOR, U90-HOR.

ZERO Client models for Microsoft VDI environment: E91-RFX, N91-RFX, A90-RFX, D90-RFX, N90-RFX, U90-RFX.

ThinOX4PC modelsT9050.

Remarkable components included:

Client Citrix: Citrix Workspace App 19.3.0, Citrix receiver 13.4, Citrix receiver 12.1.8.

VMware clientVMware Horizon Client for linux  4.8.

RDP clientFreeRDP-1.0, FreeRDP 1.2.

BrowserFirefox 38.0.

Important Notes


 The upgrade from ThinOX version 8.x or 9.x  to ThinOX 10.x will force the device to factory default WILL FORCE THE DEVICE TO FACTORY DEFAULT

This new version includes significant improvements and changes to the product. By performing this upgrade, the Thin Client will be forced to Factory Default. This process will delete the previous configuration, and you will be asked to configure the device again. Before starting the upgrade, please carefully read the FAQ section and the related firmware information available at the following link: IMPORTANT - Upgrade to 10.0.x from older firmware version

Change password on RDP with NLA Authentication

RDP with NLA authentication does not support the change password when it is expired. It cannot be solved. See more information on How to manage the change password request on RDP protocol with NLA authentication.

What's new...

Type Description Valid from Praim ID
News Available new feature in video settings allowing to enable/disable each monitor in a multi-monitor configuration. 10.4.2 TCTX-2798
Improvement Improved system resources and user credentials management in WBT/Kiosk mode. 10.4.2 TCTX-2781
Improvement Improved Aruba Key digital signature device management. 10.4.2 TCTX-2780
Improvement Improved RDP 8.1 session startup to Windows 2019 Server. 10.4.2 TCTX-2775


List of unsupported peripherals for ThinOX 10 O.S.:

Smart Card Reader

  • BusinessKey INFOCERT (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.): Vid:0bda Pid:0169;
  • miniLECTOR 38 PR by Bit4id (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.): Vid:0BDA, Pid:0169.

Smart Card

  • SISS cards are not supported on KUS0916 keyboard.

Note about Energy Star 6.1 compliance

Due to compliance with the Energy Star 6.1 requirements, the Power Management - System AutoSuspend  feature is enabled and the time limit parameter is set to 30 minutes by default.

It's possible modify this setting by Power Management applet present in the Control Panel (link: Power Management).