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ThinOX-ThinOX4PC V10 ver. 10.4.1

Supported models and remarkable components

Supported models for ThinOX/ThinOX4PC 10.4.1 release:

    Praim Thin Client models:

  • E9154, H9154, N9152.
  • A9054, D9054, N9052, U9054. 

    ZERO Client models for Citrix VDI environment:

  • E91-HDX, N91-HDX.
  • A90-HDX, D90-HDX, N90-HDX, U90-HDX.

    ZERO Client models for WMware VDI environment:

  • E91-HOR, N91-HOR.
  • A90-HOR, D90-HOR, N90-HOR, U90-HOR.

    ZERO Client models for Microsoft VDI environment:

  • E91-RFX, N91-RFX.
  • A90-RFX, D90-RFX, N90-RFX, U90-RFX.

   ThinOX4PC models:

  • T9050.

Remarkable components included:

Client Citrix: Citrix Workspace App 19.3.0, Citrix receiver 13.4 and Citrix receiver 12.1.8

VMware client: VMware Horizon Client for linux  4.8.

Microsoft RDP client: FreeRDP-1.0/FreeRDP 1.2.

Browser: Firefox 38.0.


Starting from rel. 10.4.1 Praim ThinOX and ThinOX4PC are providing full support to Citrix Browser Content Redirection feature, actually available from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1808 and XenApp and XenDesktop 7.18, 7.17 and 7.16. This feature offers a great advantage in term of CPU load, RAM and I/O reduction along with a substantial bandwidth saving on virtualization infrastructure side, improving in the same time the end user experience accessing online multimedia contents. Take immediately advantages of Praim's frontier solution!For more details refer to Official Citrix documentation at this link.

Important Notes

ThinOX 10.2.5 and Praim Toolkit 1.5.1

USB Pen Drive equipped with ThinOX version 10.2.5 or higher, have to be created ONLY using Praim Toolkit version 1.5.1 or greater.

IMPORTANT - Upgrading to this version needs ThinMan 7.5.x

Starting from 10.1.0 ThinOX Operating System release, in order to manage and deploy upgrades to Thin Clients, it's required  ThinMan version 7.5.0 or higher.

Please download and update the ThinMan Server to the version 7.5.0 and only afterward proceed with the upgrade of the Thin Clients.

Previous ThinMan versions (e.g., ThinMan 7.4.x or 7.3.x) are not suitable for manage and deploy 10.1.0 or higher ThinOX Operating System release.



Dear Customer,

This new version includes significant improvements and changes to the product. By performing this upgrade, the Thin Client will be forced to Factory Default.

This process will delete the previous configuration, and you will be asked to configure the device again.

Before starting the upgrade, please carefully read the FAQ section and the related firmware information available at the following link:

IMPORTANT - Upgrade to 10.0.x from older firmware version

Change password on RDP with NLA Authentication

RDP with NLA authentication does not support the change password when it is expired. It cannot be solved. See more information on How to manage the change password request on RDP protocol with NLA authentication.


List of unsupported peripherals for ThinOX 10 O.S.:

Smart Card Reader

  • BusinessKey INFOCERT (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.): Vid:0bda Pid:0169;
  • miniLECTOR 38 PR by Bit4id (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.): Vid:0BDA, Pid:0169.

Smart Card

  • SISS cards are not supported on KUS0916 keyboard.

Note about Energy Star 6.1 compliance

Note that, accordingly with the new Energy Star 6.1 compliance, a factory default set device will enter the "Suspend" mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. You can change this behavior using the "Power Management" applet in the "Control Panel" (link: Power Management).

This's new! Improve  your user experience...

News and Improvements

TypePraim IDValid fromDescription
ImprovementTCTX-276310.4.1Improved resources windows in Citrix Storebrowse client: now it's possible to start more one resource even though is set the parameter "Close Connection at VD logoff/disconnect" available in the Advanced Options, Login tab.
NewsTCTX-275910.4.1Now it's available HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 2.8. For models E91-HDX, N91-HDX, A90-HDX, D90-HDX, N90-HDX, U90-HDX it will is installed as default. For models E9154, H9154, N9152 ,A9054, D9054, N9052, U9054 and T9050 it is available as ADD-ON.
NewsTCTX-274710.4.1The Praim 10.4.0 version of ThinOX and ThinOX4PC includes, as pre-installed component, the client connection Citrix Workspace APP rel. 19.3.0.
NewsTCTX-272510.4.1Now for Citrix Praim Client connections, it's possible to perform password change even trough Citrix ADC NetScaler
NewsTCTX-268210.4.1Added HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.7 Citrix Option Plugin in order to support calls by native Skype® for Business and Lync® client users, and other standards-based desktop video and conference room systems
NewsTCTX-265510.4.1Added support for network interfaces bonding.
ImprovementTCTX-263410.4.1Cisco VMXE client is upgraded to version 12.5.0 (needs plugin to be installed using ThinMan).
ImprovementTCTX-263310.4.1IBM iAccess Client: the client is upgraded to version
ImprovementTCTX-262710.4.1Olympus DS-9000 Dictation is supported in the VMware connection.
ImprovementTCTX-259010.4.1Citrix HDX Optimization Pack 2.6 is available.
NewsTCTX-257910.4.1Citrix Workspace App version 18.8.0 is available to be used (select the version in the "ICA Global Settings" applet available in the "Control panel").
ImprovementTCTX-257310.4.1Praim Desktop Client: you can configure which published Apps have to be autostarted after the connection is launched.
ImprovementTCTX-257210.4.1Profile Manager: the template read by Thinman will contain the settings for the Evince document viewer.
NewsTCTX-255810.4.1Added network support for protocol IEEE 802.1Q, the networking standard that supports virtual LANs

Now it's working right...


TypePraim IDValid fromDescription
FixTCTX-275710.4.1The client freezes when the user logs off or disconnects from VDI and is set the connection option "Close connection at VDI log-off/disconnect".
FixTCTX-271710.4.1Resolved exception using microphone in RDP Connection
FixTCTX-265710.4.1Fixed problem with resources enumeration in Citrix Prime Client connection.
FixTCTX-264510.4.1Fixed exception in USB redirection during VMware Horizon View Client reconnection.
FixTCTX-264310.4.1Fixed exception in multimedia redirection for Citrix connections, responsible for Windows Media Player crash.
FixTCTX-260010.4.1Imprivata: the login panel is not shown when the user disconnects the virtual session.
FixTCTX-259910.4.1The device does a logout operation when a smart card is removed even if the Smart Identity feature is not enabled on it.
FixTCTX-259510.4.1Citrix Connection: issue on the USB Redirection when trying to use a file whose name includes some special characters like "ö", "ü", "ä".
FixTCTX-258810.4.1ThinMan VMware Redirection panel crash when trying to open an exception.
FixTCTX-256810.4.1Citrix StoreBrowse Client: in some cases, the Client does not complete the authentication phase.
FixTCTX-253910.4.1RDP Client: version 8.1 does not show an error message in case of wrong user credentials.
FixTCTX-226210.4.1ThinOX4PC: during the startup phase, the screen shows many ACPI errors when installed on a Fujitsu Esprimo P556.

Details of this version

Informazione Interna

Sistema operativoThinOX


Tipo Sistema32bit


Dimensione firmwaremax. 1.1 G (T9050)

Partizione disco Utente50MB

Protocolli supportati

Auth. 802.1X Ethernet EAP/PEAP MSCHAPV2Yes

Kernel version4.9.177

Kernel version modelli compact3.13.11.11

Protocol Clients
Citrix Workspace App19.3.0
Citrix Receiver13.4.
Citrix Receiver12.1.8

HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync 2010 (x86)


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync 2013 (x86)


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync 2013 (x86)


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 (x86)


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack


HDX RealTime Optimization Pack

2.8 (default su modelli verticali)
VMware Horizon View Client (RDP/PCoIP)4.8.0
Microsoft RDSFreeRDP 1.0.3/FreeRDP 1.2
RDP protocolRDP 7.1
RDP protocolRDP 8.1

Applicativi preinstallati
Browser Firefox 38.0

PDF Viewer localeEvince 3.4.0
Adobe Flash Player

VNC Client4.1.1

IKE Shrew Soft (Cisco VPN)2.2.1
Open VPN Client2.3.2
Dell SonicWall Netextender8.0.784



Shellbash 4.2.24

Printer Spooler

CUPS v. 1.5.2

Emulatore IBM as 400java client 1.1.4



Factory Options

Praim Multimedia codecs1.28.1