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ThinOX V10 ver. 10.1.7

Supported Models

Supported models are: 

  • A9054
  • U9054
  • D9054
  • A9050
  • U9050
  • U9200
  • C9200
  • C9050
  • C9010
  • D90-HOR, A90-HOR, U90-HOR, N90-HOR

  • D90-RFX, A90-RFX, U90-RFX, N90-RFX

  • D90-HDX, A90-HDX, U90-HDX, N90-HDX

Important Notes

IMPORTANT - Upgrading to this version needs ThinMan 7.5.x

The new format of the ThinOX firmware is installable and manageable by the ThinMan management software version 7.5.0 or higher.

Please download and update the ThinMan Server to the version 7.5.0 and afterwards proceed with upgrade of the Thin Clients.

The new format of ThinOX firmware is not installable by previous versions of ThinMan (e.g. ThinMan 7.4.x or 7.3.x).


IMPORTANT NOTE for ThinOX Ver. 10.1.1 

Dear Customer,

This new version includes significant improvements and changes to the product. By performing this upgrade the Thin Client will be forced to Factory Default.

This process will delete the previous configuration and you will be asked to configure the device again.

Before starting the upgrade, please read carefully the FAQ section and the related firmware information available at the following link:

IMPORTANT - Upgrade to 10.0.x from older firmware version

Note about Energy Star 6.1

Note that with the new Energy Star 6.1 compliance a factory default device will enter the "Suspend" mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. You can change this behavior using the "Power Management" applet in the "Control Panel" (link: Power Management).

Release Notes

Issue IDTypeFromDescription
TCTX-1729Fix10.1.7ThinMan Login: the RDP Connection with credential passthrough from ThiNMan Login is not working.
TCTX-1726Fix10.1.7Fixed Bit4ID smartcard problem.
TCTX-1725Fix10.1.7Solved TECH-1768: LPD/LPR printer on USB.
TCTX-1718Fix10.1.7Support for new smart card token Aruba.
TCTX-1711Improvement7.5Information on connections and their types is send to ThinMan (ThinMan version 7.5.6 or higher).
TCTX-1702Fix10.1.7The template configuration applied using the Praim Toolkit (firmware + template) does not apply the template correctly.
TCTX-1701Fix10.1.7Fix for TECH-1743.
TCTX-1698Fix10.1.7VMware Horizon View: "Enable Ctrl-Alt-Del Sequence" parameter is not working correctly.
TCTX-1690Fix10.1.7ThinMan Login: the change of the Monitor resolution from the user is not working correctly.
TCTX-1666Improvement10.1.7The Details window in ThinMan will show the RDP Protocol version in use on the device (needs ThinMan version 7.5.6 or greater).
TCTX-1665Improvement10.1.7The Details window in ThinMan will show the VMware Horizon Client version in use on the device (needs ThinMan version 7.5.6 or greater).
TCTX-1659Improvement10.1.7The Details window in ThinMan will show the Citrix Receiver version in use on the device (needs ThinMan version 7.5.6 or greater).
TCTX-1658Improvement10.1.7Added a new configurator for serial ports (available in Control Panel)
TCTX-1646Improvement10.1.7Wi-Fi configuration files are pre-formatted and available for different type of protocols. Just personalize them with the needed information (SSID, user, etc.).
TCTX-1599Improvement10.1.7Citrix HDX Optimization Pack 2.1.1 available for Atomino series.
TCTX-1598Improvement10.1.7Citrix HDX Optimization Pack 2.1.1 available for Compact series.
TCTX-1573Improvement10.1.7Citrix Receiver: is upgraded to version 13.4.
TCTX-1505Fix10.1.7Browser Connection: when the browser opens a pdf file with space in the name there is an error opening it.
TCTX-1246Improvement10.1.7BPIOL Token support.
TCTX-1036News10.1.7Citrix Receiver Web: smart cards local authentication support.

Known Issues

Change password on RDP with NLA Authentication

RDP with NLA does not support the change password when it is expired. It cannot be solved. See more information on How to manage the change password request on RDP protocol with NLA authentication.


A list of unsupported peripherals for ThinOX 10 O.S.:

  • BusinessKeyINFOCERT(Realtek Semiconductor Corp.) with Vid:0bda Pid:0169
  • SISS cards are not supported on KUS0916 keyboard

Issue IDTypeDescription
TCTX-1916FixCUPS: if there are two different USB Printer configured in CUPS, the Test Printer Page is printed always on the last created printer.
TCTX-1800FixBetter information in the "Firmware" tab inside the "Properties" window.
TCTX-1788FixC9050: VESA Video modality is not working correctly (do not show the desktop).
Workaround: use ThinMan "Configuration -> Receive", then modify the VESA configuration and use "Configuration -> Send" to reconfigure the device.
TCTX-1780FixC9050 with VMware Connection: the reproduced audio is not at the best quality (distorted).
TCTX-1771FixC9050 with Citrix Connection: Windows Media Player redirection is not working.
TCTX-1764FixHDX RealTime Optimization Pack 2.1.200 once enabled cannot be disable from ICA Global Settings.
TCTX-1733FixThe copy from RDP connection and paste on TN5250 video connection is not working.
TCTX-1724FixWBT Mode: the RDP Connection windows is not bring to front if clicked by the mouse (ALT+TAB is working correctly).
TCTX-1611FixIn some cases "Ctrl + F4" do not close the Citrix Receiver Web Connection.
TCTX-1593FixThe Smart Card Reader model miniLECTOR 38 PR by Bit4id (Vid:0BDA, Pid:0169) is not currently supported.
TCTX-1113FixDuring Remote Assistance session the power off window (the one with the power management buttons) is not shown.
TCTX-866FixPraim Emulator: switch session button are not working correctly.
TCTX-862FixCitrix receiver: switching from "Legacy" Receiver to 13.x will lost configuration of dual monitor.
Workaround: execute a factory reset of the device and re-create the Citrix Connection.
TCTX-857FixU9050: the dual monitor configuration with Primary monitor connected to DVI-I and secondary monitor connected on VGA is not working correctly.
Workaround: user Primary monitor on VGA and Secondary monitor on DVI-I.
TCTX-837FixRDWeb App: when configuring a RemoteApp, the mouse focus is displaced in all applications.
TCTX-836FixRDWeb: credentials are requested every time a new app is launched.
TCTX-801FixShell Connection: the Shell connection is empty when applied to a device using the Profile Manager.
Workaround: use the manual configuration to send Shell connections.
TCTX-793FixU9200 with multimonitor and Citrix Receiver configured with only one monitor: the connection starts but is not usable.
TCTX-745FixVMware connection with RDP Protocol: the Large Screen property is not working correctly (the desktop is visualized in the center of the screen without window frame).
TCTX-724FixCitrix Receiver PNAgent: ending the connection with the Connections Manager will not close the session.
TCTX-662FixCitrix Receiver (PNAgent) with Published Desktop in "Stretched" multimonitor modality: the Desktop will occupy only the first monitor and the taskbar is present.
TCTX-659FixVMware Horizon View with RDP protocol on Windows 8 Virtual Desktop: the MMR feature is not working correctly.
TCTX-653AlertThe Citrix Receiver using the Self Service User Interface (SSUI) cannot be closed in full-screen mode.
Workaround: reboot the thin client to close the connection or use the ThinMan Console to modify the thin client configuration.
TCTX-649FixWBT User Interface with shortcut switcher "wbt mode": when using a RDP connection (protocol ver. 7) the hotkey CTRL + ALT + "home" or "UpArrow" or "DownArrow" does not switch between the sessions.
Workaround: use RDP protocol ver. 8.
TCTX-618FixVMware Horizon View with RDP protocol and dual monitor configuration is not working correctly.
TCTX-616AlertThe VMware connection to Horizon View ver. 5.x could have some visualization problem.
TCTX-589AlertRDP8 in fullscreen multi monitor: is not working correctly with monitors with different resolutions.
Workaround: use the same resolution on both monitors.
TCTX-576FixRemote Assistance: when a RDP Connection ver. 7 is active, some keys are not working (e.g. "(" ).
TCTX-533FixC9010, C9050, C9200: using RDP8 RemoteFX on Server 2008 R2 can produce unexpected results when scrolling down large page of selected data (e.g. selection of 200 cells in MS Excel will not stop the scrolling).
TCTX-360FixThinMan Offline Configuration: the CUPS printer "Generic - Generic Text only" is not available in the printer setup configurator.
TCTX-176FixThe local Slovenian Keyboard Layout miss some character ('s', 'c', 'd', 'z' with caron and diacritic). When the connection is established, the layout is working correctly in the remote desktop/application.
TCTX-95AlertCitrix Receiver: Delphi written applications once minimized cannot be restored. It is a Citrix known limit.
Workaround: do not minimize application written in Delphi.
TCTX-94FixXenApp Agent: moving the window of a Delphi application causes the minimization of the window itself.
TCTX-46FixNetwork Configuration: Network and Broadcast parameters are maintained when switching from Static IP to DHCP configuraton mode.