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Praim Toolkit ver. 1.6.0

Supported Thin Client Models

This version of Praim Toolkit supports these thin client models:

  • XT900-I, XT920-I, XT901-I

  • XT9000-I XT9200-I, XP9400-I, WE9700-I

  • XT9000-C, XT9200-C, XP9400-C, WE9700-C

  • XT9000-U, XT9200-U, XP9400-U, WE9700-U

  • XT9050-A, XP9400-A, WE9700-A

  • XT9050-TC180, XT9200-TC180

  • BT9000

  • C9010, C9050, C9200, C9400, C9700, C9080

  • A9050, A9700
  • U9050, U9200, U9700, U90-HDX, U90-RFX, U90-HOR
  • A9054, A9074, A9084, A90-HDX, A90-RFX, A90-HOR
  • U9054, U9074, U9084
  • D9054, D9074, D9084, D90-HDX, D90-RFX, D90-HOR
  • N9012, N9052, N9072, N90-HDX, N90-RFX, N90-HOR
  • N9112, N9152, N9172, N91-HDX, N91-RFX, N91-HOR
  • E9114, E9154, E9174, E91-HDX, E91-RFX, E91-HOR
  • H9114, H9154
  • A9014
  • U9014
  • D9014
  • G1000A


 ATTENTION: It is mandatory to use this version of Toolkit to create USB Recovery Key for ThinOX version 10.2.5 and greater.


For Windows 10 IoT thin client models use this version or newer to restore or clone image firmware (e.g. N9012, A9014, U9014 and D9014).

DO NOT USE USB 3.0 PORT FOR MODEL U9050, U9200, U9080, U9700

Do not use the key generated by the Toolkit on thin client models U9050, U9200, U9080, U9700 on USB 3.0 ports. The USB key generated by the Praim Toolkit is not working using USB 3.0 ports on the thin client models U9050, U9200, U9080, U9700; in this case use only USB 2.0 ports.

NOT Supported Thin Client Models

These old models are NOT supported: INO-840, XP-6600, XP-6700.

Release Notes

Issue IDTypeFromDescription
TCTK-192Improvement1.6.0Added boot image version 1.1.3. It will solve some bug and improve features.
TCTK-190Fix1.6.0Allows restoring devices with ThinOX 8 firmware version (bug in 1.5.6).
TCTK-186Improvement1.6.0Allows restoring a G1000A Gateway model.
TCTK-185Improvement1.6.0ThinOX: allows updating a device with a new firmware version. It maintains the original configuration of the ThinOX device.
TCTK-107Improvement1.6.0Allows installing ThinOX Add-On over a firmware in the USB Key.
TCTK-99Improvement1.4.0Added the possibility to save the configuration of the thin client before the overwrite of the firmware and to rewrite the configuration after the firmware restoring.