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Praim Toolkit ver. 1.2.11

Supported Thin Client Models

This version of Praim Toolkit supports these thin client models:

  • XT900-I, XT920-I, XT901-I,

  • XT9000-I XT9200-I, XP9400-I, WE9700-I

  • XT9000-C, XT9200-C, XP9400-C, WE9700-C

  • XT9000-U, XT9200-U, XP9400-U, WE9700-U

  • XT9050-A, XP9400-A, WE9700-A

  • XT9050-TC180, XT9200-TC180,

  • BT9000,

  • C9010, C9050, C9200, C9400, C9700, C9080

  • A9050, A9700, 
  • U9050, U9200, U9700


Do not use the key generated by the Toolkit on thin client USB 3.0 ports. The USB key generated by the Praim Toolkit is not working using USB 3.0 ports on the thin client, use only USB 2.0 ports.


USB Keys with more than 32 GB space (e.g. 64 GB, 128 GB) will be formatted for recovery using only 32 GB of space. The partition is formatted using FAT32. A fresh formatting will restore the original disk space.

NOT Supported Thin Client Models

These models are NOT supported: INO-840, XP-6600, XP-6700.

Release Notes

Issue IDTypeFromDescription
TCTK-97Fix1.2.11On 32 bit system there are error while formatting the USB Mass Storage key.
TCTK-93Fix1.2.10Generated Toolkit USB key with firmware and template will sometimes block indefinitely during the firmware writing on the device.
TCTK-92Improvement1.2.10The size of the USB Mass Storage key is tested before the write of the firmware on it.
TCTK-91Fix1.2.9The recovery of WES7 or WES8 devices with the DoM size of 16 GB fails.
TCTK-90Fix1.2.9Cloning for WES7 or WES8 devices with the DoM size of 16 GB fails.
TCTK-89Fix1.2.9Error while formatting USB Mass Storage key with size larger then 32 GB.
TCTK-87Fix1.2.7Upgrading a C9700 (DoM 4G) from version 2.1.3 to 2.1.7 using the Toolkit, requests the device license at the end of the operation.
TCTK-83Improvement1.2.6Ability to add the license file on Windows Embedded cloning key (operation allowed only for recovery key).
TCTK-82Fix1.2.6Windows Embedded USB clone key does not start the recovery process after the cloning phase.
TCTK-75Improvement1.2.6Support for thin client models: A9050, U9050, U9200.
TCTK-68Improvement1.2.4ThinOX USB Recovery: new window that allows to insert the override parameters for ThinMan Address.
TCTK-66Improvement1.2.5Added support for thin client models A9700 and U9700.
TCTK-65Fix1.2.4ThinOX USB Recovery: using a firmware with a template will erroneously duplicate the hostname of the template file.
TCTK-43Improvement1.2.0Available the BIOS Update using the Toolkit.
TCTK-39Improvement1.2.0"USB Drive Copier" can be used to copy an already prepared a USB Toolkit key.
TCTK-36Improvement1.2.0Allows to import a file with multiple license.