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Official Agile Product Documentation

You can find the official and updated Agile product documentation referring Agile User Guide


Operating Systems and compatibility

Agile 2.6.6 release can be installed on the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows
           Thin Client: Windows Embedded 7 SP1, Window 10 IoT Enterprise 2015 , Window 10 IoT 2016 LTSB, Window 10 IoT 2019 LTSC.
                        PC: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • Linux
          Thin Client: Ubuntu Mate 16.

Compatibility with remarkable components:

  • Citrix Client: Citrix Storefront Web API 3.7.
  • VMware clientVMware Horizon View Client  5.1.0.
  • Microsoft RDP client: Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 8.1 and  Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 10.
  • Browser: Windows: Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome 73 - Linux: Chromium Browser 68


NEW FEATURE: Citrix and VMware USB Device Redirection

USB redirection is available in the main virtualizations solutions, such as Citrix and VMware. However, configuring and tuning it (may NEL CASO MA NON LO USIAMO) is, in most cases, an hard task (OPPURE is challenging). that is completed , for practical reasons, server-side disregarding the potential customization of USB redirection on the end-points.

Praim, first among end-point manufacturers, supports users in handling this technology by providing within Agile a USB Redirection configurator. The Agile interface, further than easing the USB Redirection set up, offers an innovative configuration from the client-side perspective.

Starting from Praim Agile 2.6.6 rel. you can benefit of the new Citrix and VMware USB Redirection setting. For more information refer to the  Agile Guide - USB Redirection page.

 USB Lock Feature

From the previous Agile release (Agile rel. 2.6.1) the new USB LOCK feature has been introduced.

This capability empower IT Managers with a powerful tool to control the behavior of USB devices directly plugged on every kind of controlled end-point (ThinClient, PC or Berry).

Simple policies, blocking or selectively enabling specific USB devices (USB DEVICE LOCK) or whole Classes of USB devices (USB CLASS LOCK), can be defined with just a few clicks. For more information refer to the Agile Guide - USB Device Lock page.

What's new...

Type Description Valid from Praim ID
News Added "Power Settings" feature. 2.6.6 AGL-1183
Improvement Added support for Norwegian Bokmål keyboard layout. 2.6.6 AGL-1182
News Implemented "USB Redirection" feature 2.6.6 AGL-1149
Improvement Improved and simplified URL Setting for Browser Mode. 2.6.6 AGL-1131


DescriptionValid fromPraim ID
Setting auto start option for a Citrix session, an authentication error message is returned.2.6.6AGL-1261
Improved "Capture Image" and "Apply Image" features for "H" models thin client.2.6.6AGL-1232
Problem connecting to ThinMan after Agile update.2.6.6AGL-1187
Agile4Pi Audio Control: in Agile Mode Mute feature doesn't work properly.2.6.6AGL-930

Known Issues

DescriptionPraim ID
Citrix client 19.5.0 for Windows: application starts but runs in background.
Using Ctrl-Alt-Tab bring application in foreground.
Dummy credential pass-through from ThinMan Login to Citrix and VMware clients.AGL-1243