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Attention: Old Version

Praim ThinOX 9 SoC Old – This documentation is related to "Praim ThinOX for SoC" firmware version 9.0.0 .
For newest version of Praim ThinOX for SoC or for other software documentation see Wiki Praim.


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Running Environment

Once the device is powered on (or when the initial installation is terminated) the thin client will connect to the single connection defined and is ready to accept credentials.

The wallpaper on the desktop reflect the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure used for the connection.

In this example the thin client is connecting to a Citrix Infrastructure.

Power Management of the thin client

The thin client can be powered off or rebooted by pressing the power icon placed on the bottom right part of the screen.

A dialog window is shown requesting to select the type of operation to be executed. After 10 second if there is no interaction from the user, the device is powered off.

User Interface after User Login

When the user has inserted its credential in the login panel, the thin client will load the resources from the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

The loaded applications or desktops will be presented on the central part of the screen and arranged so that they are distributed on the screen.

Hovering the mouse over an icon will highlight the icon and with a single click the selected application/desktop will start.

User Logout

On the upper right part of the screen the user can logout from the running session clicking on "Sign Out"

Logging out from the session will load the initial login interface.


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