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Praim ThinOX 10 Latest – This documentation is related to "Praim ThinOX 10" version 10.2.9.
For documentation on previous versions of Praim ThinOX 10 or for other software documentation see Wiki Praim.


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How to install and configure eGalax USB Touch Screen Driver

ThinOX allows to install and use the touchscreen drivers for monitors that support the eGalax technology connected through the USB port.

Install eGalax Touch Screen Driver

Download from the Praim website (you need to be registered) the Addon file that contains the eGalax Touch Driver related to the model of the thin client.

My Praim Download

After you log in to the Praim website, you can see a menu under your username called "My Praim". Click on it.

In the left part of the page, you see a menu, select the "Download" entry. After that select the "ADD-ON" section.

Here you can download the addon for the ThinOX device.

The name is " eGalax Touch Screen 2.0 AddOn for ThinOX" where x.y depends on the version of the addon.

The eGalax touchscreen addon is installable on any device with ThinOX 10.2.x or higher version and is compatible with all the Praim thin client models.

Package Repository

Use the Package Repository Menu on ThinMan to install the eGalax Touch Screen Driver on the ThinOX thin client.

When you add the package to the Repository, select in the dialog box the "ThinOX Firmware" type and then browse to the Addon file.

You can execute the operation manually on a single device, or on multiple devices, but you can also use a Scheduled Activity or an Event Activity to install the Addon.

Calibrate the monitor

Once the Addon is installed on the thin client, connect the eGalax USB Touch Monitor and open the User Interface tab in the Control Panel window.

Applet missing?

To see the applet in the Configuration Settings window be sure that the monitor is powered-on and connected to the device. If it is not connected and powered on, the applet is not visible in the User Interface tab.

Launch the calibration utility clicking the "Touch Screen Calibrate" applet.

Touch the calibrations points on the monitor (you are asked to touch three calibration points in different positions on the monitor). After this operation, the eGalax Touch Screen monitor is calibrated and ready to be used.

Unsupported Monitors

Multitouch monitors are not supported.

How to verify that the driver is installed on the device

Ope the Settings window and select the "Firmware" tab.

Click on "Get list..." button and verify that in the list appear the "eGalax driver" package (the version could be different). If the package appears in the list, the driver is correctly installed.