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ThinMan Gateway Latest Version – This documentation is related to "ThinMan Gateway" product version 2.0.0.
See Wiki Praim for other product's documentation or for a previous version of ThinMan Gateway.


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The "ThinMan Gateway" is a Praim is an additional componente of the Praim ThinMan suite.

Under the guise of an hardware and/or software solution representing a useful tool for thin clients management installed by remote branch offices or, even locally, on network that have to be strictly separated.


The most powerful advantages offered by  Praim ThinMan Gateway solution  are:

  • enable a powerful Praim ThinMan operation on remote branch offices too, accessing your remote clients without requiring  a VPN infrastructure;
  • none remote client or system exposed on internet required (i.e. none special firewall or router configuration as NAT, PAT etc.);
  • none incoming connection towards remote branch office networks required;
  • enable to manage different site with the same IP network address range without worries;
  • extend the WOL (Wake On LAN) feature up to remote branch office devices;
  • a remarkable time and bandwidth saving in the client update thanks to ThinMan Gateway Repository replica service.

It is available in three different solutions both hardware and software only too:

  • ThinMan Gateway hardware appliance (model G1000A);
  • ThinMan Gateway virtual appliance (based on a Linux kernel) (model G1000V);
  • ThinMan Gateway Application for Microsoft Windows operating system (model G1000W);

Unlike a local ThinMan Server...

In order to avoid to overload and saturate your bandwidth, a ThinMan Gateway-based architecture doesn't implement the repository replica for the whole Windows operating system images jet.

This need is very infrequent and can be anyway effectively satisfied using a USB pen drive prepared through Praim Toolkit.

"Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway." Andrew S. Tanenbaum