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Praim ThinMan Latest – This documentation is related to "Praim ThinMan" software version 7.8.16.
For documentation on a former version of Praim ThinMan or for other software documentation, see Wiki Praim.


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ThinMan Single Server with Internal or External Database Update

In this chapter we will explain the ThinMan Standard Server with internal or external database software update procedure.

ThinMan services unavailable during update

Because of any redundancy is present in this scenario, neither for server nor for database, please remind that during the ThinMan Single Server update, regardless of internal or external database, all ThinMan services will be unavailable. For more information about ThinMan operation mode and high availability see ThinMan Operation Modes and High Availability Software Architecture.

ThinMan Backup before update

Before update the ThinMan current version we suggest to perform a complete backup both of ThinMan Server and its database, if external. Refer to your IT manager about backup procedure.

The update of a ThinMan Single Server with Internal or External Database configuration is very quick and easy. The installer you will run on the system where the ThinMan Server is installed, will deal by itself with updating both ThinMan server software and, if needed, database schema even internal as external one. In this way the update will seam you as a monolithic operation without any concern for you.

ThinMan update file retrive

If you need more information about how retrive ThinMan update file, refer to Download ThinMan installation and upgrade file.

In order to  start updating the ThinMan run the ThinMan Installer, executing the file ThinMan_7.8.16.exe.

The ThinMan Primary Server Installer detect the current  ThinMan version installed and  will inform you about the imminent update from the current release to the new one.

Click Next to proceed.

 The ThinMan Server update starts. A progress bar shows update increase.

ThinMan Services Managment

During the ThinMan Server update, the ThinMan installer will manage by itself stop and restart of all ThinMan Services.

When the update process is completed, ThinMan installer will  display the updated version.

It's possible a restart be needed. We suggest to restart your system, if requested.

ThinMan Primary Server check

Check by the Services Microsoft Management Console that ThinMan Server services (i.e. ThinManNaming, ThinMan Server and ThinMan Support) are running.

Last, check the ThinMan full operation through ThinMan Local Console execution.

Update terminated

If no errors are occurred and all services are running properly , you can consider the ThinMan Single Server with internal or external database update procedure successfully completed.