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Praim ThinMan Latest – This documentation is related to "Praim ThinMan" software version 7.8.16.
For documentation on a former version of Praim ThinMan or for other software documentation, see Wiki Praim.


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Ports for Windows 10 IoT - WES7 4.x.y or greater - Agile

ThinMan uses specific network ports to communicate with remote devices. When remote devices are behind either a firewall or a router, it may be necessary to configure those ports for ThinMan to get access to the remote devices. The following table describes the ports used by ThinMan (Incoming Ports are those listened by ThinMan software, Outgoing Ports are those connected on devices by ThinMan software).

The ports must be open on the operating system firewall or on the network firewall.

NOTE: Incoming and Outgoing Ports


Incoming Ports: ThinMan <---- Devices

Outgoing Ports: ThinMan ----> Devices

Incoming Ports



Service or 


TCP21ThinManServerThis port is used for the older versions of ThinOX thin client or for Teradici thin client. ThinMan reserves this port to accept connection from them.

Notification from ThinClient to ThinMan Server (can be configured)

UDP137, 138VariousFile sharing for ThinMan Repository (needed for  Contextual Menu - Capture Image and Apply Image for Windows Embedded, see more at
TCP139, 445VariousFile sharing for ThinMan Repository (needed for Contextual Menu - Capture Image and Apply Image for Windows Embedded, see more at

HTTP Server for Firmware Upgrading

Outgoing Ports




TCPmay vary, dynamicTo contact the device; the port may vary and depend on the configuration on the device (by default the device choose the first free port starting from 1024). You can change the port in the device configuration.
UDP/TCP1680To Browse Thin Client using TCP transport
Request from ThinMan Server to Thin Client
TCP443To contact Praim servers on Internet for demo licenses request
TCP80To download from Praim servers on Internet the upgrades for the Device Images (see Device Images Manager Menu)
TCP5900To Remote Assistance Thin Client

Graphical representation

Without ThinMan Gateway


With ThinMan Gateway