Praim ThinOX Latest – This documentation is related to "Praim ThinOX" firmware version 8.6.2 .
For other version of Praim ThinOX or for other software documentation see Wiki Praim.


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This chapter describes the configuration parameters for the ThinOX thin clients; these will be referred to as Configuration Settings. The Configuration Settings window is the equivalent of the Control Panel on a Windows based PC; it allows you to configure the various operating parameters of the terminal.

The Configuration Settings window is displayed as a tabbed dialog, where each page corresponds to a particular group of settings.

To access the configuration menus (SETUP) of the terminal in Desktop mode, select the Start button on the taskbar, select Settings, and then Configuration Settings. You may also right click over the desktop and select Configuration Settings from the popup menu.



To access the configuration menus (SETUP) of the terminal in WBT mode, press the "F2" key from the Connection Manager on the desktop.

The following paragraphs describes the terminal configuration parameters in detail.

If you cannot get the Configuration Settings window to display, please contact your system administrator, as the terminal configuration may be password protected.


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