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Praim Agile Latest – This documentation is related to "Praim Agile" software version 2.6.1.
For documentation on previous versions of Praim Agile or for documentation related to other software see Wiki Praim.

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USB Redirection

With a virtualisation infrastructure it is essential to be able to manage local physically connected USB devices within the remote virtual desktop, using optimised technology. The solution relies on forwarding the USB protocol from the local device to the virtual desktop by redirecting the communication path. This is called  USB Redirection. 

USB redirection technology is available on the most common virtualisation platforms, such as Citrix and VMware, but USB configuration and tuning has always been a challenge.  Furthermore, the USB redirection policies usually are configured server-side for practical reasons, ignoring any USB redirection end point customisation.

Praim's Agile has addressed this issue: within the Agile configuration utility is a dedicated interface to simplify defining the USB Redirection settings. 

In this page you will find links to pages...

USB Redirection main page overview

The Agile USB Redirection setting panel is for the Citrix and VMware virtualisation platforms. Select the relevant tab to define the settings for the specific virtualisation platform.

Clicking on each manufacturer will activate the relevant tab.

Agile enables each vendor’s different USB Redirection functions to be configured separately.

With Agile, simultaneous USB Redirection settings for both Citrix and VMware environments are possible, allowing concurrent virtual connections to exist on the local device.

Brand USB Redirection sharing settings

When connecting to multiple farms on a specific platform (Citrix or VMware), the USB Redirection settings will be shared between the connections to those separate desktops.

Each USB Redirection tab permits:

  • Generic options for the devices USB Redirection feature.
  • Lists of USB redirection rules allowing or denying specific USB device redirection.

USB Redirection settings management and deployment

All  Citrix and VMware USB redirection options and rules can be managed and deployed through ThinMan Device profiles. For more details see ThinMan Profile Manager.

All USB redirection options and rules are deployed to the device through Device Profiles, not to to User profiles. 

ThinMan User profile's do not apply USB Redirection settings.

Citrix and VMware USB Redirection settings panel

Following the below links for detailed descriptions of USB redirection panel for both platforms:

Terms meaning brand-dependent

Caution: Citrix or VMware may use the same terminology but might have different meanings.